The following are some of the programs presented by Don Longo.  You may contact Don directly or ask your employer, local library or organization to schedule a presentation. 

ACTIVE SHOOTER INCIDENTS: PREVENTION…PREPARATION… RESPONSE… SURVIVAL – This course provides participants with the knowledge, techniques, and skills that will best equip them to survive an Active Shooter Incident.

At the end of this course, participants will be familiar with: Prevention and Preparation Techniques and Procedures;  Necessity and preparations of developing an Emergency Response Plan (ERP);  How to recognize indicators of an active shooter before an incident occurs; Known behavior patterns of active shooters before and during an incident; Employing Situational Alertness and proper Immediate Response Procedures; Actions to take when confronted with an active shooter (Run – Hide – Fight); Effective response procedures and tactics for escaping, evading and responding;  Emergency Tactical Response; Establishing and Using Safe Rooms; Correct responsive actions upon arrival of law enforcement personnel. 

Anti-Crime Travel Safety and Personal Protection Techniques & Tactics for Travel Abroad –  Instruction on how to best avoid becoming the victim of violent crime when traveling abroad, and how to safely and effectively respond should an incident occur. The presentation includes tips on lowering one's target profile factor, utilizing situational awareness, and employing effective reactive techniques.  This course is a variation of the training required of all U.S. government officials and employees prior to posting to an overseas assignment.  The information and techniques presented are invaluable for all travelers over the age of sixteen years.

Conflict Management Through Language & Demeanor –
Originally designed to teach police officers how to defuse potentially violent situations, this course is valuable for people from all walks of life.  The course enables one to use language and presence to calm difficult people and situations, redirect the behavior of others, and achieve the desired outcome of any verbal exchange or conversation.  It has proved to be invaluable when interacting with others in business, socially, or in the home.

Anti-Crime Techniques and Tactics – This basic anti-crime presentation provides simple but effective techniques to help you and your family avoid being victims of violent crime.  Topics include Employing Situational Awareness, Becoming a Hard Target, and Safe and Effective Reactive Techniques.  The lecture is designed to offer anti-crime and response/survival techniques and includes demonstrations of reactive and protective tactics.

Senior Scams: Avoiding Becoming a Victim of Scams That Target Seniors – This program explores a number of scams and confidence games that are routinely used to target senior citizens. The information shows how to recognize, avoid, and respond to these scams.

Presentations at venues such as schools, public libraries, halls, associations, clubs and, not-for-profit organizations can be tailored to time frames between ninety minutes and two hours.  Lectures at corporate and government venues and colleges are designed for three hours.



Techniques to use when traveling internationally in order to avoid becoming the victim of violent crime. Instruction is also given in the lecture regarding safety tips and reactive tactics to employ should an incident occur.

Excerpts from an actual instruction course on Church Security Operations presented by Don Longo to members of the Security Ministry of a major church on Long Island, New York.

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