Don Longo Investigations & Consulting

Active Shooter Incident Prevention and 
Survival Training, and  Facility Safety Evaluation; Investigations, Consulting, Lectures, Seminars, and Workshops.

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Also offered are workshops in conflict management through “verbal judo” techniques and methods that students to utilize tactical presence and language to control situations when engaged in verbal conflict. He has given seminars for professional security officers, police, corporations, religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and the general public.


Don Longo is a Licensed Private Investigator and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Active Shooter Incidents and in Domestic and International Anti-Crime Techniques and Tactics.  He specializes in Active Shooter Incident prevention, preparation, response, and survival, and since 2012 has provided Active Shooter Incident training for thousands at schools, workplace environments, houses of worship, local businesses, libraries, and associations and organizations. His lectures, seminars, and workshops on Active Shooter Incidents, Conflict Management Through Language & Demeanor Conflict Management Techniques and International Travel Anti-Crime Methods have drawn huge audiences from Law Enforcement and First Responders, schools, and businesses, and members of the general public.

Mr. Longo also provides for select client consultation and investigative services in a variety of areas.  In the field of locating missing persons, he maintains an astonishing 89% success rate.